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Autoresponder services let you reply instantly to customer inquiries, purchases or and other interactions - without even being at your computer!

I'm sure you've heard that one of the keys to great customer service is to establish a relationship. And one of the best ways to do this is by communicating with your customers as often as possible in relevant ways.

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So if you have a business web site, an autoresponder service is one of the best tools available!

What is an autoresponder?

It's probably easiest to explain how they work by using an example.

Let's say you have web site which sells dog training products.

At the bottom of each page you have an email address for customers who have questions or would like to find out more about your products.

When a customer or potential customer sends an email to this address, it will go into your inbox, and wait for you to read it an reply to it when you next get to your computer.

But since we all are so busy this could be several hours later!

Meanwhile your customer is left with an uncertain feeling. Did my email get through? What kind of a company is this? Should I or shouldn't I do business with this company? Can I trust them?

Think of how much better it would be if you could respond immediately to each email you get.

Even if it is just to say thanks for your email, I will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.

This is exactly what an autoresonder does!

Your customer is happy having received an instant and relevant communication from you.

Set Up Your Own Autoresponder

Almost every web host has a basic version you can easily set up yourself.

You can create an automatic reply easily using the hosting panel provided as part of your web hosting package.

First you select the specific email address you want to generate an automatic response each time someone sends an email to it.

Then compose a reply email that you would normally want send out yourself if you were there at your computer. It should thank the person for contacting you and provide some sort of information immediately or give them a timeline for when you will get back to them.

This automatic email response needs to be general enough to work well as a reply for any email you might receive through this particular email address.

You can set up a unique automated response for various different email addresses - in fact I recommend that you do have several - each tailored to a different purpose.

For more advanced uses, such as multiple email mail-outs, more complex software programs are available for purchase.


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