Yes, we all know we should to backup our data on a regular basis.

I have learned the hard way how important it is to do this.

back up data into a file

Oh my gosh, it was so much more difficult to try to restore data from a failed hard drive than it would have been to run a simple backup program or even save important data myself on CDs!

Performing a back up is also an important service for a web host to supply.

This simply means making an exact copy of the data that is there and storing it in a different location or on a different server.

And of course I had to learn about this the hard way too!

This time it was with a blog site. Of course with a blog, most of your site content is created and stored online.

If you are using an online website builder the same concept may apply.

So if there is a problem with the web servers or some other problem with your site (mine had been hacked), you will be relying for the most part on the data stored with your web host to restore your site.

My host at the time did not offer such a function for free, and as it was early days for me, I didn`t sign up for the paid functionality - thinking it wasn`t important.

The sad result was I lost several days of my blog material, and it took me many many hours to piece it all together!


Extremely Important for Blogging & Ecommerce Sites

Although unusual, there may be times when a server goes down and data on it is lost. Unless the web host has another copy of this data stored somewhere else, that data (which may include your web site!) can be lost for good!

This is a particular concern for blogging websites where most of your content is stored on the host server instead of your own computer!

Do you own a database driven ecommerce site? This will also be critical for you.

Find out how often your web hosting company performs a back up.

If there is a failure, then the hosting service can at least restore your site to the way it was at the time of the most recent backup.

If they back up once every 24 hours this means in the event of a server incident, you will only lose at maximum 1 day's worth of data.

If they do it once every 36 hours, you will have a potentially larger data loss.

Every week - and you could be hurting!

There are some web hosting companies that perform these services for free and some who charge for it. Find out before you sign up how much its going to cost you!

See which companies link backup for free and which charge extra!


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