Blog Web Hosting

Blog web hosting

is one of the easiest ways to create your own internet presence and a fast way to get a web site up and running!


There are so many options available to you - many of them inexpensive or even free!

As you know a blog is a place where you can express yourself online and share your thoughts, feelings and ideas with the rest of the world.

You can easily post photos, video, links to other sites and write about pretty much anything.

And you can do this on your computer or even from some mobile phones!

What to write about?

The possibilities are unlimited...

Are you doing something exciting?

Starting a hobby, planning a wedding, building your first home, planting an award winning garden, or taking the trip of a lifetime? Create a legacy that you can share with friends, family and if you choose - with the world!

Friends of mine took a year off from their jobs and took their kids on a world cruise. Because they started a blog we were all able to keep up with this exciting trip!


large yacht docked


Are you an expert in a particular area?

Cooking, landscaping, web design, fashion, parenting, computer gaming, woodworking?

Create a blog and share your expertise!


I personally follow several blogs in my areas of interest. Several of these have gained popularity and readership over time to the extent that the blog author could easily write a book and be guaranteed instant sales from most of their blog followers and beyond!

An excellent example of this is one of my favourites - a blog written by a horse trainer.

white horse

The blog has attracted many people interested in the topic. We visit her site frequently, eagerly waiting for the next update.

She provides solid, well thought out advice and shares her knowledge freely.

She happens to be a darn good writer as well.

If she ever decides to publish a book on horse training you can bet that I will first in line to buy!

And I expect I will have to battle others for that first-in-line spot!

Now you might at first glance think that openly sharing your expertise for free would basically eliminate the possibility of ever selling it.

Actually the opposite is true.

The sharing of free knowledge - as long as it is expert trustworthy knowledge - actually acts as a hook and makes us only want more - and more willing to pay for it!

Check out her blog as an example.

Your Own Online Journal

What about a journal of your life?

Or maybe recollections from your childhood as a legacy of the past?

Help keep the past alive and create an important resource for your children, grandchildren and other generations to come.


old photos valuable legacy


Does your business need a little publicity?

Create a blog and share information about upcoming events or provide great articles related to your business that will establish your expertise and add to the credibility of your business.

In addition, regular informative posts will help establish a relationship between your reader and your business.

When it comes time for them to buy, people prefer to to business with someone they know.


cabin under construction


Therapeutic Blogging

Journaling has long been recognized as an important way to help understand your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Many therapists recommend that their clients keep a journal.

With an online journal you can share your thoughts and feelings with the world. Your journal can be found and read by others who share the same history or issues.

Readers can leave comments on your blog which with enough time can even create a community of people.

You can help yourself and help others and receive help and support with your blog.

Just want to share your philosophy of life?

Want to help others, or just share your thoughts and daily life musings?

spring flowers

Check out Zen Habits as a great example of this type of blog.


Setting Up Your Blog

Now we get to the technical part of blogging.

Just as with all web sites, to share your blog with the world it needs to be hosted somewhere.

I've listed below some options for blog web hosting:

Free Blog Hosting Sites

Most people starting out, choose to go with hosting their blog at one of the free blog hosting sites.

The most popular of these is Blogger - check out their site for an excellent tutorial on blogging and how to set up your own blog on Blogger.

Another excellent free blog site is Weebly.

Both of these free blog web hosting sites show you step by step how to set up and update your own blog.

They both provide a wide variety of blog templates so that you can easily design your own look and feel for your blog.

The only disadvantage of hosting your blog at a free blog hosting site is that you do not have your own domain name.

At free blogging sites your blog will have an address that is some subdomain of the free site. So for example it might be

This is perfectly fine, unless you anticipate that your blog will become a business or will attract thousands of visitors.

If this is the case, you may want to consider purchasing your own domain name, choosing paid blog web hosting, and installing free blogging templates (for example from Wordpress) to write your blog on.

Another Blog Web Hosting Option - Your Own Domain

If you choose to buy your own domain name and have your blog there you will need to choose a web hosting company to host your blog.

Most every hosting company offers blog web hosting.

The advantages are that your blog will be more findable on the search engines, and with your own domain name (of you choose it correctly) will probably be shorter and easier to remember for your visitors.

Blogging software installation plug-ins are available as part of the paid plan with most web hosts.

If you choose this route be sure to check out our recent reviews of various blog web hosting companies before you make your choice.

You can also delay this decision if you would like to go slow and see what blogging is all about.

Most free blog web hosting sites have a process available for you to transfer your blog from free hosting to paid hosting with your own domain name - without losing any blog entries.

Whatever option you choose, blogging is one of the ultimate ways to express yourself and share with the world!

Happy Blogging!

I am really excited for you with this new opportunity ahead.

BTW - Ever wondered if you could make money with your blog?

Read our special report Make Money with Your Blog.


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