Business Web Sites

Now days every business needs an on-line presence!

Have you ever been looking up a local service or product to buy and gone to the yellow pages? Lots of us do this every day.

But the businesses that also have web sites and include the name of their web site in their yellow pages listing are far more likely to get my business.

I like the fact that I can find out so much more about a company by checking out their website prior to making a purchase or signing a contract.

business internet address

I make a list of businesses from the yellow pages with web sites, check them out online and narrow down my list from there. If I can find a suitable company this way, I don't even bother contacting the other companies without web sites.

Many, many other people do exactly the same.

Your business will miss out on business if you do not have an internet presence.

Why Your Business Needs A WebSite

The fact that your business has a website gives potential customers much more confidence in dealing with you. Your web site establishes credibility.

Other advantages of a business web site are:

  • You can sell your products or services online.
  • Create a relationship with customers through a business blog.
  • Obtain more customers through search engine results.
  • Inexpensive advertising and lead generation.
  • Offer discounts and communicate easily and cheaply about upcoming sales and special events.
  • Extension of your corporate branding.
  • Businesses with a website not only have another avenue for advertising (on-line through their web pages) but also instill a sense of stability and confidence.
  • You can have a business that is strictly online without a physical storefront.

Hopefully you are convinced that there is tremendous competitive advantage in having a web site for your business.

In fact now days there is a distinct competitive disadvantage for a business to be without a website.

Making the decision to have a business web site is a big step.

Determining business web site hosting options is the next step.

Read on to learn more about business hosting site web.


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