What is Disk Space?

Disk space is a term that is used by web hosting companies to refer to the amount of space you are allocated or are using up on their server.

Unless you have a really massive web site this is usually not a worry.

If you happen to have a site that is data intensive and has a lot of video, photos, special scripts or uses a database you probably don't even need to consider disk space when choosing a hosting company or hosting plan.

disk space on server

But if you happen to have one of these sites - or plan to - or if you are hosting with a company that actively restricts space usage - be prepared to pay extra or worse to have your site temporarily disabled if you go over.

But as I said, most people starting out with a personal or small business web site don't need to worry much about this.

And if your site does grow, it is usually very simple (although it may cost more) to upgrade your plan within the same hosting company.

And another great thing is that you can monitor your disk usage on the server by taking a look at your web site statistics provided by your web host. You will probably be amazed by how little you actually use!

You can also see how big each of your web page files are by viewing the properties of your file on your own computer.

For instance, this page takes less than 10kb of space. However, it has been optimized.

Learn how to optimize your web site so that is uses less space.

As a bonus, optimizing your web site reduces data transfer and increases your web page loading speed as well - so it's a worthwhile thing to do in many ways.


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