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Providing one or more email addresses is part of the services of a web hosting company.

email address

One of the things you should think about when choosing a web host is how many you will need, and then see how many the various hosting plans include.

You will need one to communicate with visitors to your website.

Most web site hosting companies provide at least one email address included in the hosting plan.

How many email addresses do you need?

For most personal websites and for most businesses just starting out one is probably all you will need.

Although it sounds exciting having unlimited email addresses, unless you really need them they can just become a pain to administer. If there is just you operating your business it can become tedious to remember to check for mail in each address and potentially remember several seperate passwords as well.

But if your business is larger, you may well need a seperate email address for each staff member, and for each department.

What do they look like?

Regardless of how many you decide to have all email addresses will be of the following format:


So for example let's say your domain name is and your name is Jack.

Your own email address could be

Or you could put any other name instead of Jack. For instance:

Or if you are Britney and your domain name is you could set up

You get the picture! The only thing that has to stay the same is the last part - which is your domain name - with the first part you can pretty much get as creative as you want.

How To Set Up Your Email Adresses

The hosting panel provided by your web host will provide you with information on how to create configure so that mail can be received at your desktop.

A good hosting plan will provide excellent instructions as to how to do this so that you can receive your mail on Outlook for example or other email software programs.

If you use Outlook or Outlook Express her is a good link to Microsoft's instructions on how to set up your mailbox, and what types of information you will need to obtain from your web host to do this.

microsoft outlook instructions

Access your email on the web!

Another way to receive email is through a webmail service, which is something also provided by your web host.

With webmail service you can access your email easily from any computer that is linked up to the internet. From anywhere in the world!



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