What is a Hosting Panel?

What is a hosting panel and do I need one?

The answers to this two part question is pretty easy - the panel is a software interface to help you manage your web site once it is hosted - and yes you do need one.

However, virtually all web hosting companies have one, and most are easy to use and self explanatory. (view a screen shot of a hosting panel)

Once you have your web site hosted at a web hosting company, you will need a way to conduct all the administrative functions associated with that web site such as setting up email addresses, uploading changes to your site, and monitoring traffic to your site.

Or maybe you want to see how much disk space you have used? Or how many visitors to your site on a particular day? Need to change your password? How about change your contact or account details?

All of these activities can be done using the hosting panel (or control panel as it is also called).

Think of this panel as the central control station for your site.

CPanel and WHM are two examples of well known high quality control panels used by web hosts.

Shown below is a partial screen shot of cpanel

one example of a hosting panel is cpanel - screenshot



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