What is MYSQL?

MYSQL is a name for a common type of database system.

You will need to use and access a database if your website maintains, stores and uses many data records.

data records

For example, if you have a large product catalogue on your website from which customers can select and buy products, you will most likely need a database.

A web site with a classified ads section will normally run a database system.

A website for a flying club that maintains online records of the names, addresses, hobbies, and phone numbers of club members may need a database system.

Other common database systems are SQL Server, Access, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and others.

The programming language SQL is used to locate, access, modify and store information in the database.

Database functionality is a useful and common service for a web hosting company to provide.

However, for most of us the actual mechanics of the database and how it works are not really necessary to understand. Typically your web host will provide you with "plug-ins" for ecommerce, classified ads and other functions that use a database.

The software simply "plugs in" and the actual inside workings don't really matter so much to the average user. No need to master MYSQL or other complex programming languages. Just plug and play!



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