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As you know, I only review web hosting companies that I have personal experience with. My review of Globat web hosting is extremely negative - find out why...

Globat was actually one of the first web hosting companies I signed up with. I was attracted by their generous plans offering a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, and even an unlimited number of domains I could host for the same low price.

Prior to signing up with Globat I had been with a company where I hosted only one web site at a price 4 times higher than what the Globat hosting plans were - and the bandwidth was very limited each month. I had been worried about possible charges from going over the allowed bandwidth and the idea of an unlimited plan was a big selling point for me.

Plus Globat allows you to host an unlimited number of websites under the same hosting plan for the same low price. I was sold!

First Impressions Are Good

Globat has a "welcome" section for all customers and a nice looking control panel. There are numerous tutorials in both written and video format on subjects such as using FTP, blog platforms, installing a shopping cart, and how to set up email.

These tutorials are quite informative and usually well written. I felt like I had entered web hosting heaven when I first logged on to my account. I was able to easily upload my first website, and also decided to host another site and installed wordpress software on it to begin a blog.

I was anticipating a very pleasant experience with this hosting company and was looking forward to being able to use it to host my own customer's web sites on as well.

Unauthorized Upgrades and Charges

Within a month I began to receive regular emails from Globat Web Hosting offering plan upgrades. Improved functionality, new widgets, enhanced web site security, faster speed, better bandwidth were all possibilities that Globat offered for a one time additional charge.

The scary thing was that these upgrades and the additional charges were automatic opt-ins unless you declined them within 10 days of receiving an email.

So although the plan cost only $6 per month, if you missed an email you could end up seeing several additional $40 charges on your credit card for additional services you did not ask for.

(More recently legislation has tightened on automatic billing of credit cards and Globat no longer sends out these automatic upgrades and subsequent charges by email )

There was no way to indicate that you were not wanting any plan upgrades at all or to opt out automatically. The only way to avoid additional charges was to keep watching your email.

You might think I was crazy to stay after that but I was a little naive and also felt I was lucky to have unlimited bandwidth and hosted domains for such a low price. So I hung on a little longer thinking the benefits outweighed the disadvantages.

Web Site Hacking and Malware

I fell into a routine of checking my email on a regular basis so that I could opt out of any Globat hosting plan upgrades. I also added several additional websites using the unlimited domain hosting feature and things were going just fine.

Unfortunately, my sites began to be invaded by internet predators - malware and various web hacks.

Calls to support confirmed that it was common for Globat sites to be hacked and that the only solution was to reload a fresh copy of the website to eliminate the hacked links, while the Globat team worked to try to improve the security of their servers.

Review Globat Web Hosting - Poor Web Site Security and Billing Issues

I continue to have issues with billing, web site security and poor support to the extent that I only have a few test web sites hosted with Globat strictly for the purpose of conducting web hosting reviews.

Of course I have moved on to more reliable web hosting companies for my websites.

Complaint sites such as Complaints Board confirm that fact that Globat continues to be plagued by problems. Many others review Globat Web Hosting negatively. And for every person that decides to actually write and review Globat web site hosting there are many others who feel the same but did not express their disatisfaction.

I am open to the possibility of some day being able to review Globat Web Hosting and have positive results but until Globat makes some big changes I cannot recommend them at all for any reason to anyone.

There are many other web site hosting companies out there offering what Globat offers with much more reliable service and support.

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