Web Hosting Reviews

My web hosting reviews

are based upon my own experience as a customer of these companies and are a comprehensive review of web hosting services.

In each review, I share hands-on experience on what it is like to host a web site with each company, what features are available such as databases, scripting or cool add-ons such as shopping carts, ecommerce, blogging and forums, security, and provide an assessment of technical excellence and value for money.

Find out which web hosting companies are good value and which ones you should stay away from!

work from home mom with computer

Real reviews from a real woman with actual web sites hosted at the companies reviewed.

I share with you all aspects of the hosting experience from signing on, to domain registration, to web site building, to tech support,to data security, to ease of starting your own business site with their hosting package.

I am a work-at-home-mom with several web sites and online businesses.

I always wanted the freedom of being able to work from home, and when I had children this desire turned into a personal need. It was this need to be able to balance work and family life that inadvertently caused me to become an expert in web hosting reviews.

You can do this too!

I wanted to be able to be close to my children and experience every precious moment and milestone of their lives - but still earn my own living!

girl with laptop

In order to do this I explored a wide variety of work at home options, but eventually ended up finding my niche in web site design and development.

Creating and designing beautiful web sites is fun and rewarding, but once they are created they need a "home" to live in, in order to be seen by everyone on the internet.

Where should you host your web site ?

When I hosted my first web site I thought of web hosting companies as a minor player in the picture - kind of a necessary nuisance standing between me and the launching of my online business.

I actually chose to ignore the process of reading web host reviews,and signed up with the first company I found that offered unlimited bandwidth, unlimited additional domain names, and a cheap monthly rate. This company had glitzy ads, and very tempting time limited offers - including first year hosting free plus a money back guarantee! All at a very cheap price.

I had no idea of the wasted time, frustration and lost money this simple decision would cause for me!

My first choice was a disaster!

I was able to sign up for hosting easily and even took advantage of some of the extras they offered at an additional price such as shopping carts, domain privacy, back-up, and an option to enhance the loading speed of my site.

The cheap web hosting plan quickly became a little more expensive, but I was happy with my choices and excited about finally having my own online business!

It looked very nice at first...

I was able to access the control panel and noticed the huge variety of cool add-ons and great tutorials! I was seriously like a kid in a candy store - it seemed like geek heaven to me!

My next step was to upload my site (since I know HTML I had already built it in advance so didn't need to take advantage of their webpage builder) using an FTP program - and watch my site go live! It was an amazing day and I was so happy I went out to celebrate.

Security issues, billing errors, poor customer service, down time, lost data

But one year later, I was deeply discouraged with this company. Hackers had been able to subvert the weak security systems of the web host server and place invisible links on my pages to drug companies and adult content sites.

It was time consuming frustrating and painful!

I found charges on my credit card for services and software that I hadn't ordered. Site upload times were often slow, and several times my pages just disappeared altogether. Too bad they didn't have a back-up! It took me hours to restore my web site back to the internet.

I wished I had read web hosting reviews prior to buying!

Why I decided to review web hosts

I stayed with that company for several years always thinking it would improve and knowing it might be hard to move my data to another location.

I eventually moved most of my sites to other companies but the horrific experiences and my subsequent search for something better motivated me to conduct my own web hosting reviews and share them with others!

I still have a site at that original company just to keep in touch to be able to continue to assess quality review of web hosting services for that company - but nothing much has changed - it is still really bad.

I now know of several much better choices I can recommend and I am always taking on new companies so that I can assess what they have to offer. For each new company I try I alwasy have at least one of my own websites hosted so that I can give first hand experience and review of web hosting services.

My web hosting reviews are based upon my real experience as a customer!

Not too many web host review sites out there can say that! Many sites that claim to review web hosts just compile information provided by the companies they are "reviewing" and paste them up on their sites. These are just stats provided by the companies themselves.

I am also aware that some unscruplous companies have their staff post glowing reviews of themselves on review pages just to enhance their rating.

It doesn't cost much to get started as a web hosting company and the profits can be substantial, so there are new companies springing up all of the time!

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Web Hosting Reviews

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