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Just imagine - no more rushing back to your computer to check your mail - no more missing important emails when you are away on vacation. No more worry, no more fuss.

You can access your email from any computer in the world that's hooked up to the internet.

Or from any cell phone with internet access.

Talk about freedom!

Conduct your business, read and respond to emails from anywhere in the world!

With webmail, you can access all the mail that would normally come to your desktop inbox right on the web!

Many web hosts provide the option of accessing your email through a webmail service.

To set up a webmail account, just follow the instructions on your hosting panel.

Webmail uses the same email addresses you set up in your hosting plan associated with your domain name. Just like with regular email, webmail service uses standard email address format.

You will have an inbox, a box for sent messages, deleted messages etc just as you do on your email software program on your computer.

When you use a webmail service however, email is stored on the host server instead of downloading it on to your own computer.

With a Webmail Service it's easy to access your email from everywhere!

To access your email on the web all you do is go to the website of your web hosting company and enter your user name and password. It's that easy!

Remember you can do this from anywhere! The only thing you need is a computer or cellphone with internet access.

There is only one tricky part of this whole thing.

And that has to do with where the email is stored with webmail versus a desktop program like Outlook.

If you alternate reading your email on your desktop sometimes (email messages are downloaded and stored on your computer) with reading email on the web (stored on the server and not downloaded to your computer) it can get confusing.

Unless you develop some kind of sytem to keep things organized, you may find yourself looking for email on your computer that is actually still on the server, or accidentally permanently deleting email messages.

To avoid this confusion, I tend to access all of my business email through webmail only. But any system that works for you is great!


Format For Email and WebMail Addresses





For more information please check out these instructions on how to set up your email address for both desktop or webmail access.



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