What is Web Hosting?

You hear the term often but really what is web hosting?

Once you create your website, you will be able to preview it yourself on your own computer. You can preview it on your computer using your choice of browser, such as internet explorer or firefox for example.

To get your Web Site on the Internet you need to store it with a Web Host

A web host is a company that stores your web site pages on a large computer called a server.


This server is interconnected to many other servers which in turn can connect with any other computer in the world, set up with access to the internet. This big interconnection of computers actually makes up the thing we call the internet!

Web hosting companies own or lease servers and rent out space on the server to all of us who want to put our websites on the internet.

Once your website is hosted with a web hosting company, and stored on its servers, your website can be viewed by anyone anywhere in the world with access to the internet.

And why are servers called servers anyway? It's because they take a web page stored in their system and "serve it up" to the computer that requested to see it, when someone typed in your web address, or web page name.

Now you know the answer to the question " what is web hosting ? "


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